Operating model

This is a draft version of a schematic of the context in which festivalslab and also the groups it aims to connect with:

Some notes:

  • the lab is a function of Festivals Edinburgh which is an umbrella organisation made up of the twelve city festivals
  • the festival labels are shorthand and not the official name of the festivals e.g. Jazz is really Jazz&Blues etc etc
  • part of what the Festivals Edinburgh team do is facilitate a number of working groups which develop shared strategic agendas and are made up of representatives from all the festivals
  • the Innovation working group (IWG) is different in that it is made up of reps from all the other working groups
  • The IWG acts as a strategic decision making group for the Lab…a bit like a board really
  • The organisations and types shown on the right hand side are those which the Lab is currently designing processes with which to engage
  • The word Creatives is shorthand for performers/artists/producers/thinkers – in other words…the festival talent