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Accessibility project underway

Thanks to support from the Open Innovation Project we’re delighted that one of the leading ideas from last year’s Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge is being built into a prototype project for this summer.  The idea is quite simple – to create a cross-festivals listings service targetted more for people with access requirements…although that simplicity does not belie some of the complexities therein!

We’re also delighted to be working with Alienation Digital and Artlink on the project, with the former working on the technical and design wizardry and the latter helping bring the expertise related to accessibility requirements that we ourselves do not have in depth.

This is a prototype project and in addition to that it is a digital project and therefore cannot be a complete solution to a challenge which is both broad and nuanced.  The festivals make every effort to ensure that the Festival programmes are accessible to everyone and as well as being committed to innovation and so the intention is that this project and any associated learning can be built upon both for refining this project itself but also with regards developing the area of accessibility and the arts which Artlink and other similar organisations across Scotland are such important pioneers of.

Good information is integral to a project like this and so while the festivals already have a significant amount of access data available, the project will allow channels for user-generated feedback as well as inviting venues to provide the project with more additional data.  This data capture exercise is currently ongoing and is being managed by Devon Walshe of FestivalsReview.com with his colleagues, Dan Do Rosario, Andy Robinson & Joe Anderson.


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