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Why service design is the next big thing in cultural innovation

[this article first appeared this week on the Guardian Cultural Professionals network to coincide with the launch of Festival Design DNA] Here at the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, we explore how to best use new thinking and new tools to make the experience of the twelve major Edinburgh festivals even better – for audiences, performers [...]


Introducing Festival Design DNA

This week we launch our Festival Design DNA project which you can get to by clicking DESIGN in the bar above you. While we’re sure that some of the bigger arts organisations out there may have formally used service design as part of their business improvement processes, we’re excited to be the first ones to [...]


The Book Festival mobile site – from the developer perspective

This post is written by Jim Newberry and originally posted at his personal site here.  In it he tells his experience of making this years’s number one festivalslab summer highlight. It’s essential reading for arts orgs thinking about apps vs mobile sites.  Over to you Jim…   Having seen my efforts at the Culture Hack Scotland event [...]


festivalslab in the news

Despite the shenanigans going on in Westminster today, newspapers aren’t all bad.  And the reason we say that is because they are talking about us! Two nice press pieces have appeared in the last few days. Firstly in the Herald on Saturday was the article Digital Future Beckons for the Edinburgh Festivals and then there [...]


Opportunities abound – an article for Arts Professional

This was an article about my recent experience at SXSW for a general arts audience.  It was first published in ArtsProfessional 235, 11 April 2011. www.artsprofessional.co.uk ‘South by Southwest’ (SXSW) began life as a music festival. Running each year in Austin, Texas, it has subsequently grown to include film and interactive elements, and today the interactive [...]


Why the festivals are like the web: Video

More videos of the team talking I’m afraid.  Here’s me talking about some of the festivalslab themes from before it was officially announced – and he’s speaking at the Shift Happens conference in York (July 5/6 2010). Besides from being out of date (e.g. it announces the Geek in Residence position that Ben now of [...]


Thinking about TED

TED is a remarkable thing.   Since first making its talks available online from 2006, it has grown to extraordinary prominence and for many people is now synonymous with inspiration, ideas and innovation. Here at the Lab we like to talk about assets and strengths – how can we build upon and share the unique [...]


Why Edinburgh is like the web

Last week I attended the arts/tech/learning conference called Shift Happens in York.  And was fortunate enough to be invited to be one of the speakers and what I talked about what Why the Edinburgh Festivals are like the Web: http://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=rohanshifthappensv1-100707061559-phpapp01&stripped_title=why-the-edinburgh-festivals-are-like-the-web Because my presentation style is to use minimal text with maximal chat, the slides don’t give [...]