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Consider The Library

Culture Hack North was held in Leeds last weekend and following the success of Culture Hack Scotland and Culture Hack day in London, the 24 hour event saw a flurry of talented developers working on cultural data as well as a programme of high quality short talks on digital culture…videos coming soon. There was a [...]


Festival Backstage

With the exhilarating Jazz&Blues Festival now over, the Fringe, the Tattoo and the Art Festival having kicked off and the International, the Book and the Mela still to come the summer festival season is now in full swing. Here at festivalslab HQ we therefore thought that we should get in on the action so for the remainder [...]


Distrify and the Film Festival

Many of you will have noticed that the Film Festival launched it’s exciting programme last week.  What however you may not have noticed is a really elegant innovation they have embedded into their online booking. Distrify is an exciting Edinburgh-based startup led by Andy Green and Peter Gerard which – based on their own experience [...]


New report on Digital Audiences

http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swf Open publication – Free publishing – More culture online This is pretty essential reading as a baseline understanding of digital audiences for cultural organisations. It’s MTM’s report on digital audiences for the arts/culture in the UK which has the very headline results that:   The findings from this report clearly show that the internet [...]


Storytelling Smackdown: Ivy4Evr vs NTLive

Last week I took part in two radically different storytelling experiences.  And because both would consider themselves innovative I thought I’d tell you a little bit about them and what I thought.  So first up is… Ivy4Ever Ivy4evr is a Channel 4 new project with Blast Theory.  The blurb will tell you that… Ivy4Evr is an SMS [...]