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New project showreel celebrates two years of festivalslab

This summer marks two years since the inception of the festivalslab project. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a showreel document which gives our highlights of what worked and what didn’t. Let us know what you think. Download this document as a PDF. See other documents from festivalslab


What makes a project a festivalslab project?

Here we share more of our “under-the-bonnet” processes for project assessment.  This document briefly lists the high-level general criteria against which project ideas are assessed.  This is a working document but should hopefully provide more insight into our project development processes. Lab_project_general_criteria_v1.3.pdf Download this file Please note that we are not formally soliciting project ideas. [...]


festivalslab teams up with AmbITion as learning partner

In a week of good news, we’re pleased to share the news that we shall be working with AmbITion Scotland as our learning partner. Given that much of the learning from our work will be relevant to the rest of the cultural sector in Scotland, through AmbITion we shall be helping produce events and materials [...]


More on needfest – the process for working up projects based on festival needs

needfest_v2.pdf Download this file As promised, here is more work-in-progress thinking on processes.  Needfest is the cheesy nickname we’re giving to the basic process for identifying and developing project based on needs articulated by the festivals themselves. This week is the start of a validation exercise to turn this skeleton into specific user journeys for [...]



More work in progress, but we thought we'd share it since it's interesting (though we may be wrong). ┬áDo tell us if it's not…tho Google Analytics rarely lies. As we've said before, getting the processes sketched out for identifying and developing projects is our major focus at the moment and here is a little quadrant [...]


festivalslab operating model

Today we’ve drawn the first version of a schematic of the context in which festivalslab and also the groups it aims to connect with operating_model.pdf Download this file Ok so some notes by way explanation: the lab is a function of Festivals Edinburgh which is an umbrella organisation made up of the twelve city festivals the festival [...]


Audioboo: sharing more stuff on process design



Process design underway

Here at Lab HQ, we’re mostly working on designing our processes – the ways in which project opportunities are identified and developed.  This little flowchart is a linear representation of some of our thinking of a general process.  And while this may appear fairly generic at this stage, each of the stages will have a [...]