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Green Arts Portal tender now live

Alongside the innovation work done by Festivals Edinburgh here at festivalslab, our colleagues here are also actively involved in developing a series of activities related to the environmental impact of the festivals.  Out of that work has come a new initiative called Creative Carbon Scotland and they together with Festivals Edinburgh are currently inviting responses [...]


Accessibility Project brief now live

Given that  the only idea that won both the public and the judges’ vote of the Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge was related to accessibility, we’re delighted to announce that Festivals Edinburgh has just published a tender for a delivery partner to build a user-centred digital service targeted at attendees of the Edinburgh Festivals with accessibility needs. [...]


Tell us if festivalslab has been any good

This summer sees the end of the first two years of the festivalslab project and we’re in reflective mood.  We’ve got plenty of material on what might have been done better (!) so we’d really like your help to help us think about what we’ve achieved and what we might have stimulated. So if there’s [...]


Ideas Challenge winning ideas announced!

This year saw us run the Edinburgh Festivals Ideas Challenge, a big experiment over the summer and autumn inviting the public to suggest their ideas of how to make the festivals even more amazing. We received the best part of 300 ideas and also importantly had hundreds of comments as part of the discussion around [...]


Exciting news for Culture Hack Scotland

At the end of last week Creative Scotland announced the shape of their Cultural Economy Programme for the next few years.  There are four key components of the programme, one of which is Digital Developments.  Full details of the Digital Developments programme will be announced in early 2012 but we’re delighted to say that one [...]