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Research project on UK Maker Culture

We were recently approached by a researcher working on a very interesting project for O’Reilly media, which is all about trying to understand maker culture in the UK.  It looks very worthwhile so if you’d like to take part here is some info: O’Reilly publishers (the people behind Make magazine, Makezine.com and Maker Faire in the US) [...]


New report on Digital Audiences

http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swf Open publication – Free publishing – More culture online This is pretty essential reading as a baseline understanding of digital audiences for cultural organisations. It’s MTM’s report on digital audiences for the arts/culture in the UK which has the very headline results that:   The findings from this report clearly show that the internet [...]


What’s App?

As you’d expect, 2010 is the biggest year yet for festival-related phone apps.  Earlier this year we saw the Film Festival’s app and the start of August saw the launch of the official Fringe app with the cross-festival app to be launched soon.  And on top of the official apps, there are the other festival-related apps such [...]


Producing the future

Hot on the heels of the NESTA report comes Producing the Future by IFF and Watershed. Subtitled Understanding Watershed’s role in ecosystems of cultural innovation, it looks to answer the question that Watershed and it’s management team of Dick Penney and Clare Reddington get asked a lot…how does the magic happen? It’s a brilliant read [...]


Culture of Innovation report

Have just started reading the Culture of Innovation report recently published by NESTA.  From a quick skim of the exec summary it’s interesting to see how the authors have classified four types of innovation: innovation in audience reach innovation in artform development innovation in value creation business model innovation However given that it looks like [...]