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Why service design is the next big thing in cultural innovation

[this article first appeared this week on the Guardian Cultural Professionals network to coincide with the launch of Festival Design DNA] Here at the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, we explore how to best use new thinking and new tools to make the experience of the twelve major Edinburgh festivals even better – for audiences, performers [...]


Introducing Festival Design DNA

This week we launch our Festival Design DNA project which you can get to by clicking DESIGN in the bar above you. While we’re sure that some of the bigger arts organisations out there may have formally used service design as part of their business improvement processes, we’re excited to be the first ones to [...]


Designing better festivals – a festivalslab workshop

  Here at festivalslab we’ve been fascinated by the idea of applying design thinking and approaches to make our festivals even better. To explore this exciting area we’ve been working with leading Glasgow-based design agency Snook and on Dec 7th in Edinburgh we’ll be sharing what we’ve learnt so far. If you’d like to join [...]


#getAmbition podcast | Sarah Drummond on service design

This week we had the privilege of having Sarah Drummond (@rufflemuffin) come to talk to us.  Sarah is founder of myPolice and Snook and she shared her unique insights into service design, its relationship to innovation and her experience of working on innovation in public services. It was a fascinating session and here is an [...]


Thoughts on #createdebate – a symposium on design & innovation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending #createdebate - a symposium at Glasgow School of Art which showcased the work of the inaugural graduates of the GSA’s Masters in Design Innovation. The event was curated by Sarah Drummond (@rufflemuffin | @mypolice) and in her showcase presentation which concluded the day, she talked about her experience of working [...]