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How to create your own Innovation Lab

How to create your own innovation lab v1 Download the PDF version As our final post before the New Year, here is a little gift from everyone here at festivalslab. We get a lot of people ask us about the thinking and approaches which go behind this quite unique programme of work and so we [...]


Why service design is the next big thing in cultural innovation

[this article first appeared this week on the Guardian Cultural Professionals network to coincide with the launch of Festival Design DNA] Here at the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab, we explore how to best use new thinking and new tools to make the experience of the twelve major Edinburgh festivals even better – for audiences, performers [...]


Zen and the art of digital development

In the Zen contemplative tradition there are things called koans – impossible questions which are used as devices by meditators.  You’ve probably heard of a couple of them such as “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” or “if a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it…yadda etc”. For [...]


Understanding users: Chris Thorpe from artfinder.com

Artfinder is brilliant. Chris Thorpe is brilliant. Here he is talking about the thinking behind Artfinder and how arts organisations have to think less about what they want and about what users want.