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Introducing Festival Design DNA

This week we launch our Festival Design DNA project which you can get to by clicking DESIGN in the bar above you.

While we’re sure that some of the bigger arts organisations out there may have formally used service design as part of their business improvement processes, we’re excited to be the first ones to have such an open conversation about it, for in that site you will find a set of tools and approaches for cultural innovation as curated through the eyes of leading Scotland-based service design agency Snook.

Of course the materials are customised for festivals and twelve in particular but all cultural organisations will find some value in there to match their interest.

And if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here’s a piece that Rohan wrote for the Guardian Culture Professsionals about why he thinks service design is The Next Big Thing in cultural innovation.

While the publication of these materials is sort of an end, it is more a start – start of a new conversation about cultural innovation and hopefully the start of new projects supported and enabled by these tools. We look forward to hearing from you all about what you think of it


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