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Your own world class mobile site

Jim Newbery is Edinburgh-based freelance developer and having only recently moved to Scotland he attended the 2011 Culture Hack Scotland to engage more the Scottish digital community. Having recently been at a party where he had been speaking to Ian Rankin but hadn’t realised it until afterwards, he decided to take the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s (EIBF) listings and make a mobile site which tied a lot more information to each event – such as bibliographies, press mentions and of course photos – so he’d know what every author looked like should he ever meet them at a party.

Andrew Coulton, EIBF’s Admin Director saw the great potential of the hack that Jim was able to make in 24 hours and working together it developed into the full official mobile site of the festival in 2011 and 2012.

And we have made the code for the mobile site available free and open source through github. And so if you are an organisation anywhere around the world who’d like to use the code, visit this github repository and talk to a developer about how to integrate your own listings. We estimate it will be approximately 5-10% of the cost of having to make it a mobile site from scratch.

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