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Tell us if festivalslab has been any good

This summer sees the end of the first two years of the festivalslab project and we’re in reflective mood.  We’ve got plenty of material on what might have been done better (!) so we’d really like your help to help us think about what we’ve achieved and what we might have stimulated.

So if there’s anyone out there reading this (and our google analytics means we know you’re out there!), if you’ve ever wanted to do us a favour in exchange of everything we’ve shared then please just write in the comments, email it on lab@festivalsedinburgh.com or tweet to @festivalslab your reponse to the simple question…

What has festivalslab and its various projects done for me? 

That’s all.

And thank you.


One Response to “Tell us if festivalslab has been any good”

  1. David Jarman April 10, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    The Festivals Lab has demonstrated to me that Edinburgh’s festival community has a willingness to work with technology in order to reinterpret some of the principles on which these events are built:
    - as a creative force: the Lab has pioneered the hack weekend and similar projects, with tangible results
    - it has assumed a leadership role: promoting the free use of data for example, making the case to other cultural organisations
    - the Lab has brought together a latent community: not necessarily the communities of artists and scientists who congregate around the festivals themselves, rather programmers, designers and hackers who want to engage in the festivals
    - Edinburgh has a global presence through the lab’s work: the city has long associated its identity with the festivals, a story which can now be told by Rohan, Ben and others at events like South by Southwest

    These points don’t necessarily reflect what the Lab has done for me personally, although it’s been instructive to see how the organisation has developed – in an open, inclusive manner, encouraging participation and documenting much of their work in public fora. I’ve taken some of that publicly available material and used it in teaching situations, discussing with students the ideas being brought to the fore and the methods used to do so. What I most admire however is that from my perspective the projects have generally been effective at both a practical and a conceptual level, and exactly what Edinburgh’s festivals should be working together to achieve.

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